Healthier Layered Nachos

I freaking love bar food. No matter how health conscious I may be and aware of what these types of meals will do to my stomach / make me feel afterwards, there is simply something about a plate towered with nachos that I cannot resist. As a kid, my go-to “homework snack” was a plate of Tostitos doused with cheddar cheese that I would microwave for the exact perfect time so that the cheese had just melted but the chips hadn’t turned soggy yet. Fifteen years later, I’d like to say my taste buds have matured, but there is something so inviting and irresistible about nachos. They are all inclusive and a communal meal. Have a table of 5+ people at a bar and everyone’s getting hungry? Order a plate of nachos and watch everyone dive in and pretend to not care which specific chip they get but actually search the entire tray for the perfect chip / meat / cheese / bean combination (because what’s worse than a naked chip on a plate of nachos). For that exact reason, I love cooking and preparing nachos on a cookie sheet and letting everyone get their fair share of perfectly rationed and scattered toppings. Not to say I still won’t enjoy an order at the bar while watching a football game, but here is a way to make this delicious snack (or meal…) healthier and more food-hangover friendly. I promise, guests won’t be able to tell the difference.