My New “Sober-ish” Lifestyle

My journey to get here, what I have learned, and tips for how to handle the situation as a friend

For those who have been around for the past year or so and follow my IG stories, you know this is a topic I’ve been dealing with for awhile now: “sober-ish” living. About a year ago I wrote a pretty in-depth piece before regarding my thoughts on, and relationship with, booze; discussing, mainly, that it is possible to live a “healthy” and “balanced” lifestyle while still enjoying alcohol and how to go about that. However, as expected, my life has continued to evolve since writing that piece. While I still believe and support all of the statements made, I now find myself facing different struggles and adjusting my life accordingly. Most importantly, whenever I discuss this topic on my account it seems to resonate with many of you, so here I am sharing more.

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My Thoughts on, and Relationship with, Booze

The overlooked and in between view

In a world (if Instagram wellness scene can be considered a world?) where we are doing almost the opposite of “sober shaming”, I want to discuss a topic with an opinion that often goes unmentioned: booze… and the fact that I enjoy drinking. Let me start by saying that this piece is by no means supposed to persuade people to drink, whatsoever. However, it seems as if we have reached a place where we are finally comfortable with people making the decision to be sober (what the hell took us so long?), whether for a night, month, year, life, whatever it may be, and the wellness scene is so focused on that idea that those of us who decide to drink feel “less healthy” by doing so. Ohhhh the shame game and how the tables have turned. SO SILLY! The moral of this entire piece is to, please, for heaven’s sake, do what you want to do and don’t feel pressure by the crowd. And, most importantly, quit judging or shaming people for opposing behavior than what you believe in!

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