Health Coaching

Are you on a constant search to live a healthier lifestyle? Are you someone who feels you have the potential to do great things, but feel held back? Are you looking to make changes, but need the confidence and structure to put these practices in place?

I’ve been there. I’m here to help.

I’m Cameron, an IIN Health Coach, and the founder of Freckled Foodie. After working on Wall Street for 5 years, I felt a similar need for change, but the fear of the unknown and my ego stopped it from happening. It wasn’t until I got hit by a car that I realized life is too short to not follow your dreams. So, I did just that. After recovering, I waved goodbye to the corporate world and combined my passion for helping others, my creativity in the kitchen, and my ability to inspire and transform those around me. The result? This company. As a certified health coach, a self-taught meal prep connoisseur, and one of Forbe’s “top 5 entrepreneurs that are changing New York’s wellness scene”, I am here to assist you in making the changes you feel your life needs. Whether it be becoming more comfortable in the kitchen, or gaining confidence in your career, I’ll be by your side helping you put this plan in motion.

What’s Included:

  • 8-week health coaching program completely catered to your needs with the ability to extend to 12-weeks after completion
  • Weekly 30 minute video chats
  • Continuous support (text or email)
  • Opportunity to design meal plans, create individualized recipes, or brainstorm potential business ideas and career changes
  • Goal setting and accountability coaching

Price & Date & Enroll: For more information regarding price and new program offerings, make sure you are enlisted on my Health Coaching Program Email Distribution or contact me here.

Client Testimonials

“Going into the health coaching program I knew a lot of the steps I wanted to take to get on track with my health and wellness goals, but I was too overwhelmed with where to start and how to get things in motion. Working with Cameron in just 8 weeks has completely shaped the way I define my “health” goals. One of the most valuable skills I learned is to ignore the health trends and what I “think” my body should look like or what I believe healthy food choices are- and to listen to my body and honor what it’s asking for. This is much easier said than done, but Cameron provides the tools and support to explore what getting to know your body may look like, which is different for everyone! I started to honor my body’s needs in different ways- sleeping in and skipping a workout class when my body needed rest, eating a piece of bread when my body asks for it, or going for runs/higher intensity workouts when it’s what my body wants! The health coaching program is so much more than focusing on food and weight, it was an opportunity to focus on myself holistically and explore if I am where I want to be with my relationships, career, and spirituality as well. I am leaving the program with a completely different perspective and mindset about what my priorities in life are- and that mindset is invaluable that I hope to take with me forever!” – Brie, 25

“My greatest takeaway from this experience is that Cameron has encouraged me to be kinder to myself. Rather than encouraging big and unrealistic changes to my life, she helped me make the necessary small changes that ultimately affected other areas of my life. Cameron helped me change my view on food and wellness and helped me create a daily routine that benefitted me and was unique to me. I am so grateful for all that I have learned and am excited to carry this with me!” – Cristina, 22

“I could not urge you enough to take advantage of Cameron’s Health Coaching Program. I was hesitant to go out of my comfort zone and try something that I was not sure I needed, but this program goes far beyond healthy eating habits. Cameron was able to assist in bettering all aspects of my life. We touched on diet, anxiety, scheduling, time management and fitness goals. She was available 24/7 with an open ear and positive attitude. Above all, Cameron’s advice and judgement-free guidance comes from a place of genuine experience and care. It felt like I was confiding to a best friend rather than an untouchable health coach. There is a level of realness that I think would be hard to find elsewhere, and is what really made the experience so special to me. I encourage anyone considering to take advantage of this seriously wonderful opportunity to take the leap!” – Jolie, 25

“From the moment I inquired, to the last session I had with Cameron, it was beyond worth the investment in my health journey. I was nervous to start with a health coach because I was not sure what to expect and how this would work for me, but with Cameron’s guidance and program she truly changed my life and thinking!” – Aldona, 25