Cameron Linville, creator and chief food blogger of Freckled Foodie

Hi everyone, welcome to Freckled Foodie!

I’m Cameron: a very freckled 26-year-old living in NYC, with a big appetite for all things food. Whether it is perusing food blogs, testing recipes at home, or dining at some of my favorite restaurants in New York, the world of food excites me like nothing else. To me, a great meal or the perfect bite exudes warmth and becomes a whole body experience. Just ask me to recap a recent meal I’ve had and watch how over the top joyous, detailed, and passionate I become.

I love that food not only brings me so much happiness, but that it is also such an inclusive activity. Growing up, food always played an important role in my family. Whether it was Friday nights spent out by the grill or Sundays watching football devouring hoagies, we were always eating. Nothing makes my heart happier than sitting around a table filled with people I love, laughing, and enjoying a delicious meal together.

But my journey from loving food to understanding it is a new one. As someone whose stress manifests in her stomach, I’ve spent the last few years chasing and creating solutions that work for my body. However, while my weekday mornings may be filled with kale smoothies and overnight oats, I still love a hearty stack of pancakes and crispy bacon on a Sunday. Life is one big game of see-saw trying to find that perfect balance, and the kitchen is where I best find mine.

Freckled Foodie is for all of us lovers of food; those who could read restaurant menus five times over, those who don’t understand how anyone ever “accidentally misses a meal”, and those who think that sometimes maybe dessert should come first. Follow along and join my journey as I continue to obsess over what I’m cooking this week, experiment with ingredients, and find my way in the kitchen.