March Madness Meal Prep Explained

Can’t wait to have you all involved!

March madness meal prep edition… Let’s get it!

I’m excited to announce a fun new project I’m working on that combines two of my favorite things: meal prepping and the idea of competitive sports. Sure, you may not be *playing* a sport during this challenge, but I’m taking a bit of the structure from one of my favorite athletic events (March Madness) and putting my own spin on it. Interested? Here’s how it works:

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There will be 4 separate weekly meal plans that include four days of meals for breakfasts, lunches, and dinners (allowing you wiggle room for that fifth workday where you might have plans). Within each meal plan there will be a meal schedule, master grocery list, and corresponding recipes. For dietary restrictions, each week offers a lunch/dinner option with meat, poultry, seafood, and vegetarian focus. In addition, all of the dishes can be made gluten and dairy free. All meal plans will be available on my site for $4.99 each, the Friday prior to the week.

Now, to the fun part – the competition. To mirror this after March Madness, I’m providing a way for you all to get involved via a bracket-style contest. Each week, I ask that you send any and all photographs of your prepped meals to Every Sunday, I will pick my top 2 photos of that prior week’s prep and then head to the ‘gram to have my followers vote to choose that week’s winner. Once we’re finished with all 4 weeks and have 4 top photographs, we’ll head to a semi-final and final round of voting by my followers to choose an ultimate champion. This lucky person will get some nice giveaway swag in the mail as their reward (details below), plus, the most important thing… bragging rights.

If you’re someone who’s not that into competition, NO sweat. The meal plans are still here for you to purchase and take great advantage of for the month of March, or any other time you feel like prepping. If you’re looking for encouragement or accountability to get you meal prepping, use this as a way to have fun with it!

Either way, I’m happy to have you all involved and can’t wait to see all the footage!

Winner Swag Bag Includes:

  • $25 gift card to Whole Foods
  • 1 bag of Oat My Goodness Sunrise granola
  • 3 Vital Proteins matcha collagen travel pouches
  • 4 Crazy Richards peanut powder pouches
  • 3 Vive Organic coupons
  • 2 Vital Farms coupons (1 for complimentary pasture-raised eggs and 1 for complimentary pasture-raised butter)
  • 10 Lavva yogurt coupons
  • 2 Kite Hill yogurt coupons
  • 1 Canyon Bakehouse free product coupon




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