Super Bowl Sunday Stars

Roundup of my favorite crowd-pleasing recipes for the big day

Sure, I love me a good Sunday meal prep to set myself up for a healthy and efficient week ahead, but there is nothing I love more about Sundays than eating delicious food with friends and family while watching football (preferably an Eagles win). That is why the Super Bowl is my Mecca of Sundays. Obviously, no Super Bowl will compare to last year’s, when Joe and I were in the stands crying as we watched the Eagles win their first ever championship live, but that’s neither here nor there. The thing I don’t love about Super Bowl Sunday (besides the fact that it should be a 4:20 start time)? Waking up on Monday and feeling like absolute shit. Why is it that majority of football food (aka bar food) is loaded with crap? Who says you can’t eat well and still cheer for your favorite team? Not I. That is why I’m here to roundup some of my favorite football Sunday recipes to make sure you have the best lineup for your party this weekend. Enjoy all the food without the stomachaches. I wish I could promise no hangover either, but that’s on you boo.

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Get your party people ready for the big game with a massive chip & dip spread and some Healthier Buffalo Wings. For the spreads, I like to provide dual options of chips (restaurant style and scoops) in order to please everyone, and place next to my homemade guacamole (4 mashed avocados, juice 1 lime, 1 tablespoon olive oil, 1/2 chopped Roma tomato, 1 chopped jalapeño, 1 teaspoon chili lime seasoning, salt, pepper), a salsa, and a Buffalo Chicken Dip (cook 3 chicken breasts in the instant pot covered with water/broth on poultry for 7 min, shred into small pieces, mix with 1 plain greek yogurt and 1/4 cup of hot sauce, then cover with shredded cheese and cook in the oven until cheese is melted). Even though this dish is just a reorganization of the chips and dips, you have to throw in the ultimate crowd pleaser alongside it: Sheet Pan Nachos


I’m a big “build your own” bar kinda girl, in case you can’t tell. As someone with specific food tastes and allergies, there is nothing I love more than providing people with what they really want: control over what they’re eating. That is why I set up a full table of options for people to create their own dishes, added what they love, and ignoring what they don’t. As the staples, I have a Meat Chili and a Mexican Turkey Chili and then offer all the toppings alongside them (sour cream, cheese, pickles, greek yogurt, jalapenos, shredded cheese, avocado, etc). With this similar theme, I have to make sure a vegetable option is involved for any veg-heads coming over (limited, but, have to please everyone). That’s where my Loaded Baked Sweet Potato steal the show.



Every Super Bowl (hell, every Sunday) needs a dessert spread. This is usually where I ask people to help out as most people enjoy baking more than I do, but I will always have something ready just in case. For me, this needs to be a very easy recipe. That’s why I turn to boxed mixes I know I can rely on, like Simple Mills. I take their vanilla cake mix and add in 1.5 mashed bananas and ¼ cup of almond butter and then top with a mixture of their vanilla frosting and ¼ cup of almond butter.


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