Green Smoothie

This may be the simplest, easiest to make, least ingredient recipe on here, but I swear this is one of my favorite things I’ve mastered. After many sessions in front of my vitamix adding and subtracting multiple ingredients and causing my neighbors to officially hate me (the vitamix thunderstorm of sound is not something people always wake up to with a smile at 6:30 AM), I finally found what works. That being said, this recipe is very adaptable to whoever will be gulping it down. Don’t like peanut butter? First of all, who are you? That aside, fine, you can easily remove it from the shake. Like a more tropical feel? Add in some mango or pineapple. Like it thicker? Throw some coconut milk or yogurt in there. Even get wild and toss in a frozen ½ avocado (sounds very odd but thickens this bad boy up). The world is your vitamix and the ingredients are all just living in it.


My suggestions for substituting ingredients would be:

1. Don’t get too crazy with fruit; even though they are individually healthy, it can add up to a lot of sugar consumption that early in the morning. I try to stick to 2 servings of fruit (1 frozen banana and a handful of strawberries)

2. Try to keep a green in there; it is the easiest way to sneak in some vegetables in the morning and truly does not add much taste


  • Large handful of kale or spinach
  • Frozen banana (1)
  • Frozen strawberries (½ Cup)
  • Spoonful of peanut or almond butter (I prefer Trader Joe’s or Justin’s)
  • Spoonful of chia seeds
  • Water (1 ¼ Cup)


1. Freeze a ripened banana for at least 5 hours

2. Combine all ingredients in a blender

3. Blend until desired consistency; feel free to add more water if needed

4. Drink up!